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A cockroach can live for a week without its head

When examining the high prevalence of cockroaches

Bought a new house and now you feel that you and your family would live there happily ever after! It’s a dream that hardly comes true for anyone in reality because with you there reside hidden pests in your home.

No wonder, they might have been residing there long before you even stepped into that house! These tiny, creepy, crawly pests intrude your house, especially in moisture-prone areas like attics, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Found in different varieties, such as cockroaches, rodents, termites, bed bugs, wood borers, mosquitoes, and ants; it’s not easy to get rid of these pests. So, how to deal with them?

Whether it is your concern about how to control mosquitoes or how to remove rats from home, a pest control serviceis the apt answer to all your worries. Book pest control services from Bio Pest.

Proud to be Kuwait's only ( NMPA ) Certified pest-service provider, Bio Pest offers warranty-backed pest control treatments. Mosquito control treatments, rodent control services , and cockroach pest controlare just a few pest treatments offered by the company at affordable pricing. 

Key steps to take when discovering a cockroach infestation, and before contacting a cockroach control professional:

1) For those who have had first hand experience in witnessing the amount of cockroaches Toronto has to offer, it initially seems like a nightmare. The first step of any cockroach problem is to eliminate any sources of food around the kitchen area and especially inside cupboards. If there is no open food containers or crumbs available for them to smell, then there is no reason for them to come out into your living space. Cockroaches can also live off of the grease splattered around or behind the stove area. It is worthwhile to move the stove out of its place in order to double check and mop behind it.

2) Check your bathroom for any roach activity. Cockroaches are also drawn to humid or moist environments. Try to be vigilant about cleaning up any splashes of water around the floor, counter and bath areas after each use. They may choose to camp out in your bath drain or pipe areas, while waiting to come out to hunt for food at night. Eliminating as much moisture as possible when the washroom is not in use will help to keep their numbers down.

3) Assess the severity of the infestation – make a note of how many cockroaches you are noticing, their size, and how fast they are crawling, and in which areas. It is possible they have migrated from another unit next door. If that unit has been treated, then the cockroach might be crawling slower than usual. It is not easy to know exactly how large the infestation has progressed, but it is always helpful to report any details when you finally speak with a pest control expert.


4) Contact your local cockroach removal expert to discuss your situation. They will help lay out the best plan, options, and next steps to take. A professional cockroach control professional will likely use a combination of a specific roach bait, placed strategically throughout the unit, along with a residual spray application along all areas where the roaches will crawl. Please be patient during the extermination process, as the entire life cycle for some cockroaches may last up to 55 days. Remember, you are dealing with a very resilient parasite that requires a multi-layer control strategy designed to impact each stage of the cycle.

Bio Pest Pest Control offers an effective cockroach control and extermination strategy, servicing the major cities in Kuwait including Wafra, Ahmadi, Fahaheel, Zahra. Give us a call today to discuss your current situation and get a quote for your home residence, apartment, rental building, business, or restaurant 

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